Connect Groups

Revolution Connect Groups are a great way to connect. Church is not a program or a service… it's people journeying together. 

Our Connect Groups meet fortnightly, mid week, in homes across Christchurch city, and are a great place to build meaningful friendships and be encouraged in your faith. You can expect activation, application, belonging and caring. Authentic and real heart connection is the way to take church to a deeper level.

Have you got questions about life? Do you wrestle with the tension between what you hear in Church on a Sunday and how to live it out? Are you looking for a place to be yourself, be loved and belong? Do you have a heart to encourage others in their journey?

If you've thought about any of these questions before, then there's a Connect Group for you!!!

Gary & Dene, Avondale, every 2nd Wednesday                                  Has Room           

Trudy & Nathan, Waltham, every 2nd Wednesday                             FULL

Sam & Robin, Rolleston, every 2nd Tuesday                                       FULL

Evan & Renee Group, Halswell, every 2nd Wednesday                     FULL

Company Directors, City, every 2nd Tuesday afternoon                   Has Room

Linda & PJ, Ashburton, every 2nd Thursday                                        Has Room

Eastside Mums Group, Shirley, every 2nd Thursday morning         Has Room

Matthew and Janine, Spreydon, every 2nd Thursday                        FULL

Julius's MTB Group, Various locations, as planned. Has Room

Good chats with J-Lee and Dyl, City, every 2nd Tuesday                   FULL

David & Ann, Redcliffs, every 2nd Wednesday                                     FULL

Roger & Mandy, Halswell, every 2nd Wednesday                                FULL

Steve's men's group, City, every 2nd Thursday lunchtime                 FULL

Alex’s Mens Group, City, every 2nd Wednesday lunchtime              FULL

Tuesday Morning Connect, 442 Tuam St, every Tuesday                 Has Room

Warren & Marion, Bishopdale, every 2nd Wednesday                      Has Room

Women at the Forge, Avonhead, every 2nd Tuesday                         FULL

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